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Silat Scathach Warrior School

Intensive martial arts training weekends in all aspects of Pencak Silat, including Sword form and combat, Indonesian Yoga and self defence.

Pencak Silat is the comprehensive fighting art from Malaysia and Indonesia. It is a self defence and combative art form suitable for both men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Challenge yourself to the intensive training weekends in all aspects Pencak Silat including Ground fighting, Take downs, Seni - Traditional Form, Pukulan - Multiple striking, Harimau - Tiger Style, Grappling, locks and throws, Knife and karambit combat and defence, Sword form and Combat, Kris. Meditation and inner energy practices. Kembanan - The flower dance. Indonesian Yoga 

Set the glorious rolling hills of Somerset, within the the mythic landscape of Avalon, is Dargons Holt Warrior School. A place where you can find your own path of self transformation through martial arts, mindful movement and meditation.

All levels of experience are welcome.

The challenge is here, come and join me…

The next intensive training is on May 21st -22nd and will focus on the Kembangan aspect. Please contact us if you are intrested in booking your space or would like further details.


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